Birthday Cake Batter Popcorn

imageNOTE: This recipe tastes great and is totally amazing, however, 1 bag of popcorn makes A LOT of this recipe, so unless you are with other people, don’t plan on finishing this rich treat in one sitting. Also, don’t forget to remove the popcorn kernels from the bowl before adding the condiments! With that said, enjoy!!


– 1 bag of microwaveable or premade popcorn (I used kettle corn, but you can also use regular buttered or caramel)

– white chocolate melting wafers (can be bought at a local grocery store if using the Ghiradelhi brand or local craft store, regular white chocolate works well too)

– 1/2  cup of vanilla cake mix (Use the Funfetti brand to make it colorful!!)

– any color of sprinkles, I used rainbow



1) Make the popcorn in a microwave (or use premade popcorn, any kind works). Add it to a large mixing bowl. Don’t forget to remove any unpopped kernels so you don’t bite into them!!

2) Melt the white chocolate in a microwave-safe bowl until it’s thoroughly melted, and when it is, pour it directly on top of the popcorn. Mix until evenly coated.

3) Add the half cup of cake mix and, again, mix until evenly coated. At this time you can sprinkles.

4) Let it sit to harden slighty. Don’t let it stick to the bowl, and to avoid this, what I did is place it in another bowl, preferably plastic (you can also use a Ziploc bag) to assure minimum sticking.

5) Eat and enjoy!!


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