Frosting Hacks and Tips

Frosting is the ultimate part of a cake; it’s used for decorating, taste, and lots of other things. Well, sometimes, though it is amazing, you may have problems with it– getting the right consistency, more cake than frosting can cover, problems with changing the color, etc. But, problem solved! Here are some tips and hacks on frosting that may be helpful to you.

  1. More cake than frosting will cover:  This is a general problem some people have. I, personally, do not like canned frosting, but I don’t know about you. The flavor isn’t what I’m usually looking for and the consistency isn’t all that great. However, if you do use canned frosting and run into the problem of too much cake than your can of frosting will cover, don’t worry, just whip it. Canned frosting tends to be extremely thick, making it too heavy to hold shape for piping or decorating. But, if you whip it on medium speed in an electric mixer for a few minutes (I use my Kitchen Aid), add about a little less than 1/4 cup confectioners sugar to it, it alters the consistency, making it more spreadable and, a bonus, making it sweeter! That’s helpful if you use canned chocolate frosting– my biggest “no-no” 🙂 .
  2. Consistency: Frosting can change consistency very easily, but that can also be very easily changed. One way is to whip back to normal; Do this if you let it stand for a while, but it melted instead. Or, if it just doesn’t hold shape like you want it too, add about an extra tablespoon or two of room temperature butter, because that will easily change it’s texture and consistency. *TipIf you have a window by where you cook/bake and it is hot outside, turn down the blinds and don’t put your frosting near it, otherwise the heat might melt it or ruin other things you may have going on, as well as just make it hot inside the room/kitchen.
  3. Food dye:  Food dye is always tricky. If its the liquid type, it can change the consistency or not be the color you want it too. But don’t worry; like I said above, if the consistency changes, add about 1-2 more tablespoons room temperature butter, nothing more than that. Also, if your food dye makes your frosting darker than you want it too, just add a little more powdered sugar/milk and whip it in there; just make sure to equalize everything and to add it in equal portions. Then, your problem should be solved.

Hopefully these tips/hacks helped you and some problems you may have had with your frosting. Best of luck to you all!