Cake Pops!


My bake sale goodies included: cake pops, home made Rice Krispies, home made donuts with creme, and cupcakes!

I had a bake sale! My bake sale goodies included: cake pops, home made Rice Krispies, home made donuts with creme, cookie-muffins,and cupcakes!


-1 packet of cake mix of any kind

-the ingredients on the back of the cake mix box 

-1 can of vanilla frosting 

– 1 packet of white candy melts or 2 bags of white chocolate 

-25~50 cake pop or lollipop sticks of any size

– sprinkles, food coloring, or any other decorating items you might want to use

– pans and aluminum foil

– SPECIAL: stove or microwave to melt white chocolate or candy melts


1) Make your cake according to the instructions on the back of the cake mix box or use any one of your own recipes (see dessert section for my cake recipes). Bake accordingly.

2) Once the cake is done baking, let it cool throughly before the next steps. To do this, cake cuts in your cake anywhere and put it into your refrigerator for 10-15 minutes. It doesn’t matter, we will be rolling into balls and other things later. 🙂

3) Now the cake should be done cooling. Now it’s going to get REALLY MESSY! So I recommend using gloves for this unless you want cakey-hands, which you are always able to wash later!:) In a bowl, crumble your cake. Do this by cutting pieces in your cake and rubbing them against each other, or, you can just straight on crumble with your hands instead of way one  like I did to save time, which works well too. Crumble your entire cake, and try to leave out the crust. If the crust is inside your cake crumble bowl, it will make for harder shaping later. But, if you’re like me, you can eat the crust for a snack! 🙂

4) After crumbling your cake, add 3/4 a can of frosting. Use your hands (using gloves) or a wooden spoon to work the frosting into your crumble. When it’s done, it should look kind of like grainy batter, or, well, it’s hard to explain, but you’ll get the idea!

5) Next, line a pan with aluminum foil or baking/wax paper. Roll your batter-dough-cake crumble mixture into balls about the size of a tablespoon. Place into the freezer for 10 minutes. When it’s about five minutes left, start to melt your chocolate or candy melt.

6) When the cake balls are down freezing, dip a stick just a little bit on the top into your chocolate or melts, and place them into your cake ball. Put back in the freezer for 5 minutes to harden.

7) Once the balls are finished hardening the sticks, it’s time to dip. It’s helps to have melted your chocolate in a deep bowl for this. Take your ball and dip it into the chocolate or candy  melt. Use a spoon to spread the base onto your ball if needed. Make sure the ball is completely covered, then tap of excess. Place on a pan lined with foil to have downwards pops’, or place on a styrofoam block to have upwards pops’ if you know what I mean.  🙂

8) Let the cake pop harden. If you want to add sprinkles, add them while the pop is still wet with your base (chocolate or candy melts). You can add food coloring to extra base when your done and drizzle the pops like me, add sprinkles, or anything else! Have fun, be creative! I did mine for a bake sale with lots of other goodies. If you’re doing them for a sale or event, you can wrap then nicely by getting the “wrappers” and tying it around the pop with ribbon then curling it for a nice touch. A bit confused? Yeah, these instructions were hard to write, and since I haven’t posted for a while, that made it even harder. But if you get it, then these should be as easy as pie (not literally since pie is sort of hard to make :P). Enjoy with friends or family! Like, comment, and share with friends if you enjoyed!

See a picture of the goodies I baked for my bake sale (above)! Thanks! 



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