Won Tons with White Rice and Asparagus



– 1 package of won ton wrappers

– 1 1/2 cup of high sodium kikkoman soy sauce

– 1 packet of ground pork

– 2/3 bundles of green onions

– two cans water chestnuts

– garlic salt, pepper, and salt to taste for asparagus

– 1 bundle asparagus

– 1 bag of white rice (I ended up using brown rice, but either works, I prefer brown rice more)

– water, needed for rice and won tons

– 2  1/2 quarts vegetable oil, for deep frying


1) On a cutting board,  cut green onions into really small pieces and put into a mixing bowl. Now, open the cans of water chestnuts and cut into tiny pieces as well. Put into mixing bowl. 2) With the ground pork, open the package and put all of it into the mixing bowl, as well as the cups of soy sauce. Hand mix until the chestnuts and onions are blended into the meat. I know it’s messy, so when you’re done, remember to wash your hands afterwards for the future steps. 3) In a pot, pour in oil and set over stove on medium/high heat. Cover with a splatter sheet or lid. Be  very careful with the oil splattering. 4) In a small cup or bowl, pour in about 1 cup of cold water. Open up your won ton wrappers, and set on any surface. With the water, use a brush to wet only the outside part of the won ton wrapper, just like you would make a square border on a paper. DO NOT cover the whole wrapper with water, or else when you wrap everything it will not stick together. 5) After brushing the outwards part of the won ton wrappers with water, take the bowl of meat and spoon out small bits of the mixture onto the center of each wrapper. Carefully fold in the sides of each wrapper to the top and gently squeeze so it wraps properly.          6) In the pot of oil, using a slotted spoon drop each won ton in the pot 2 at a time. Let them fry for about 2-3 minutes, or until the wrapper is golden and crisp, and the meat is fully cooked. Repeat until you have the desired amount of won tons. When they are done, put onto/into a plate or bowl. 7) Meanwhile, in another pot start boiling the rice. (To do this, just fill a pot with water and set to boil, and when the water comes to a full boil, pour in rice and cover, letting it simmer for 16-18 minutes, giving an occasional stir.) Remember to keep checking the won tons when needed. 8) Yet in another pot, boil the asparagus for about 5-7 minutes, or until soft and tender. Add in salt and pepper occasionally, if desired. 9) Once everything is done (the won tons, the asparagus, and the rice), plate how you wish. If desired, add garlic salt to the asparagus, or soy sauce to the rice. Cool slightly, and serve. Enjoy!


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