Gourmet Mashed Potatoes


–  5 brown potatoes, peeled and diced

– thyme

– freshly chopped home grown basil, to garnish (or store bought)

– salt and pepper, to taste

– 2-3 cups cold milk


1) Bring a pot of water to a boil. Cover, and follow the next step. 2) Peel and cut your potatoes. They need to be brown potatoes(regular). Any other kind of potatoes may change the effect of the taste. 3) Once the water is boiling, carefully drop the potatoes into the water. Add in salt and pepper if you choose. Boil until the potatoes are mushy enough to mash. 4) Drain the potatoes using a collinder. 5) Grab a mixing bowl, and transfer the potatoes there. Carefully mash them up a little, then stream in milk. Add in 5 big pinches of thyme. The taste from the thyme tastes wonderful, and goes well with the mashed potatoes. It also makes a beautiful fragrance in your kitchen! 6) Keep up the mixing and mashing until you have the desired consistency, and until all of the milk has blended with the potatoes. Once that step is done, plate them with your meal. 7) Wash your basil well, and start chopping them. Garnish with the basil, and serve. The mashed potatoes actually go really well with the Beef Wellington meal in my dinner section. When I made my Wellington, this is the recipe I used. It all cooked beautifully and tasted wonderful. Don’t use gravy in this recipe for mashed potatoes, because then it gives off a totally different flavor. So whatever you do, never use gravy with this recipe. Well anyways, plate with your main meal, and serve. Enjoy!


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