Fruit Skewers


– watermelon

– grapes

– pineapple

– cantaloupe




NOTE: You can actually make as many fruit skewers as you want for this recipe, I’m just going to give you the directions and ingredients for this recipe so you know how to make this snack. It is very useful on a hot summer day for kids, for parties, for play dates, and more. Its a healthy snack that everybody can enjoy!



1) Start cutting up all of your fruit, except for the grapes. 2) Once everything is cut, get your skewer and make a pattern in which you will use to put the fruit on. 3) Once you have the desired amount of fruit skewers, you can stop making them. Any extra fruit can be kept or served as well. 4) Put your skewers on a plate and serve fresh, or refridgerate. Serve. Enjoy!




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